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I was born in Shenzhen which is an extremely modern city in China. It has been developing for thirty years since China decided to open the market to the world. After that, some amazing things happened in Shenzhen, a mass of high-rise has been built intensively. And we call that huge development “Shenzhen speed”. I grew up in that such a wonderful city. Meanwhile, I gradually affected by modern design style as well. Until I took my undergraduate course in Xian which is a very traditional city in China with five thousand years’ histories. I started to learn the classic design style in the undergraduate course and try to combine modern and traditional because I think China cannot lose its own style to achieve the modernization. We need to do something to keep our precious culture.

In terms of the design style of China, most of the people might think the typical classic Chinese building and decorations like the lantern or red tile-roofed house. But the density of population also makes China has abundant high-rises. Hence, I always consider the relationship between people and design, and I think an unsuccessful design has excluded the factor of people. All the spaces, movements, buildings are servicing for people and make people have a positive sense of use. As an urban design student, I need to pay more effort on it and I know that Newcastle University can give me the professional and correct guidance of it.

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