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This is a personal post with a little about my culture & what urban design means to me.

My Culture

Growing up in Manchester where the urban landscape has and still is evolving, this has given the city a unique urban style. Around the city I guarantee there is activity for everyone. This place has fascinated me from a young age to the marvels of urban design. Architectural works from the likes of Ian Simpsons Architects, Urban Splash and 3DReid to name a few. There work has and continues to shape the city.

This is in great contrast with my father’s homeland of Turkey where i’ve spent most of my summers in the South-western part with family. In a rural village called Pınarcık Köyü, the atmosphere has opened my eyes to the simplicity’s of life. People are less depend on technology, over the last couple of years this has begun to change. With the introduction of a vast motorway system throughout the country. As well as technologies such as Wi-Fi making isolated villages more connected and supporting local businesses.

All rights Reserved - Eddie Miller (2008)
All rights Reserved Eddie Miller (2008)
All Rights Reserved by TANJU KORAY UCAR
All Rights Reserved by Tanju Koray Ucar

Urban Design

Urban design means many different things to me using Manchester as an case study, i share the same ideas which this city represents. This ex-industrial city has preserved most of its history and character, you can’t walk round the city without bumping into a remnant of the past. The city boasts having a lot of cultural outlets from; music festivals, nightlife, museums, library’s and not to forget Media City in Salford.
Image From - Dave (2013)
Image From – Dave (2013)

Two of the most prominent elements within the city are its art and its football culture. You could say there’s a social divide in the city between Manchester United and City fans. Having these two huge clubs just on the outskirts of the city creates an interesting dynamic during match days. The city has fantastic art gallery’s but it’s the informal art set in the urban landscape which is most intriguing.
My personal belief understanding of urban design is based around how the city engages with its people. Whether this be through its distinct local heritage and culture and how it engages with its citizens both informal and formal. I personally am an advocate of bottom up community participation within design, from my very first year in University. I have tried to continue with this philosophy throughout my studies.

Image From - Pottonvets via Pixabay
Pottonvets via Pixabay

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