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Kelly’s blog talk about the relationship of urban design and public health. She cited a phrase from WHO Centre for Health Development: “Urbanization represents a great opportunity to improve people’s health, but also a complex challenge, especially in places where urbanization is outpacing the development of infrastructure, services, and other resources required to sufficiently meet the needs of the residents.”

She explain that the bond between public health and urban planning are unbreakable, because the effects of socioeconomic, cultural, environmental condition make public health a social issue. Urban design take the responsibility to create a healthy and sustainable city. One part of her discussion that caught my attention was she talk about the important and function of blue space.

Blue Space

I totally agree what Kelly said about blue space; furthermore, I would like to add in a few my opinion or thought about blue space. All of the large water feature such as, rivers, lakes, and fountains could be categories into blue space. Blue space is always being forgot and ignored. In the past, while facing problem with water, usually the solution will be working against it by using hydrological alterations such as dam. While study show that, this method will bring bad environmental impact in long run. (International Rivers, 2000)  The best solution when dealing with water is work with it instead of against it.

Figure 1. Blue space

Case Study

The Country that having the best example of dealing with water is Netherland, especially in it capital city, Amsterdam. The solution of flood that using by the Dutch is live with water, instead of fighting it. (The Guardian, 2014) Amsterdam have 165 canals flow through it city centre. (Amsterdam FAQ, 2017) Besides fighting flood, these canals also serve another purposed, which is natural cooling during the summer, creating a quality space for relaxing or water sport,and attract tourism activities. (Strengthening transatlantic cooperation, 2016)

Figure 2. Amsterdam

In my opinion, by adding, a running water in the middle of the city could make the city become livelier and it will influence the mood of the people that living in the city. By observing running water or even listening to the breeze blow through it could release the stress from a stressful day.


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