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In Kuntal’s blog, He discussed about the topic of Sustainable Transport. He argued it lack of satiability in transport today. Walking is the most desirable pattern in city’s transport. However, the number of vehicles is high especially in rich countries. Kuntal proposed pedestrian makes a city within friendly atmosphere, such as New York, Florence, and Paris. And bicycles also act as a sustainable way of transport. It could cover more distance than walking and is low-consumption. Beside that, public transport is important in a city.

I totally agree with his opinion. Increasing urban traffic and congestion causes many problems such as air pollution, economic efficiency, noise, energy consumption, and loss of living space (Figure 1). These problems reduce people’s living standard. Most European people calls for improving public transport and creating more pedestrian and cycle areas (Figure 2). Beside that, in Jacobs’ theory, pedestrian could guarantee the streets safer and more interacted (Jacobs, 2000). This would also make the cities more sustainable.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Case study: Strasbourg, France

During the 1980s, the city was facing several problems related growing traffic: frequent congestion, air and noise pollution, and high accident levels. It became less attractive to visitors. And the space for private cars was limited because of historic streets and buildings.

The policy was took in 1992 which made the city centre became car-free. There are only public transport, cycle lines, and pedestrian road. The government built two new tram lines to encourage public transport (Figure 3). As a result, the percentage of private car trips reduced from 72.5%  to 60% within 10 years (Reclaiming City Streets For People Chaos Or Quality Of Life?). And the numbers of trps made by
bicycle and public transport have increased continuously. It could say that is a successful case for developing a sustainable city.

Figure 3

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