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As Sharon post, she compare with two example, which one is at Hong Kong, and the other is at Dubai. The most different between these two buildings is the rate of use. For my option, I partly agree with what Sharon said in the blog. Building need to respect the functional use first, then aesthetics and showing power. However, I think it need to consider different situation in different region. Such as Sharon mentioned, Dubai build up the tallest building in the word but waste many space and floors just for aesthetics and showing power. On the other hands, Dubai is also a tourism in developed country, it need an attraction for attracting people come to Dubai. Hence, the Dubai tower has become the most famous building to let numerous people come to Dubai and it really boost up the economy in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa (Figure 1) is not only the tallest tower in the world, but it is also the most popular among tourists attraction in Dubai. The massive building was visited by a record number of visitors last year – 1.87 million. This means that in 2013 an average of 156,000 people visited Burj Klalifa every month. That is about 13% more compared to 2012, when the tower welcomed 1.66 million tourists (K. Raveendran 2013). From these data, I think we can just that easily to make the conclusion that the building is useless or not, sometimes, we need to jump out our area and use another view to analysis it. Nowadays, Burj Khalifa still is the tallest building in the word but it also has a huge contribution to Dubai.

(Figure 1)


Raveendran, K. (2013). Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s most visited tourist attraction – Arabian Post. [online] Arabian Post. Available at: [Accessed 23 Jan. 2017].

Image source:

Figure 1: Burj Khalifa, Taken from: [Accessed 23 Jan. 2017].

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