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Zack had explained the evolution of city and discussed about how landscape urbanism being use in today world in his blog. He refer to Cedric Price’s ovo-urban analogy to explain the 3 development stages of city. Ancient city as a boiled egg, all dwelling live inside the wall. 17th to 19th century city as fried egg, gone through a rapid population growth and expanding the city’s borders. Scrambled egg as modern city, increased mobility cracked the city centre to allow it spread further. (Holy Kaw!, 2008) He used the garden city as an example of the 17th to 19th century city. Garden city is a typical example of this era because it had an organised core and surrounded by all the agricultural land. Zack state that landscape urbanism had gain its fame in the modern world.

Landscape urbanism

I had gain interest on his sub topic about landscape urbanism become popular in the modern world. I would like to expand a bit more about this sub topic. Landscape urbanism is a new city orientation skill that base on the city’s landscape instead of building that being introduce in the mid-1990s. (Turner, 2015) The important of open space being realise is the major drive of landscape urbanism gain popularity. Research had shown that, with regular access to open space and park could reduce stress levels and depression. (healthy park healthy people central, 2017)

Case Study

In comparison to Zack’s example of Hong Kong, which insert park and public space at the same phase of the development, I think Rotterdam is a more successful example of landscape urbanism. During the urban renewal strategies in Rotterdam, public space act as a driving force instead of being use as supportive element. Connection link and building are being input after the public space. (Notteboom, 2017) In my opinion landscape urbanism could continue work in the future, because people are gaining awareness about health problem. 

figure 1. water square, rotterdam


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image source

figure 1. water square, rotterdam, taken from

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