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Zheng Leong illustrate different types of sustainable transportations and analysis what benefits people can gain from it, such as harmful gas emission and reducing of water and noise pollution. Additionally, there is a case study in Jackson’s blog, which describe that Denmark is the most sustainable country in the world; people are used to ride bicycles instead of driving a car. The government in Denmark also launch many policies for encourage people using the sustainable transportation as well. Consequently, Denmark has the most impeccable bicycles road in the world and people support this behaviour very much.

In my view, I partly agree with the option from Zheng Leong. Because, in different region has different situations. In most of European countries, the scale of city is relatively small than many Asian countries like China, India and Japan. Even compare with America, the density rate is also in different situation. Firstly, countries like China or India, they have huge scale city, which means you always need a long distance to your destination. In America, people prefer living dispersive and far away from the city centre. However, in European country, the density is much higher than America as well. Hence, there are many ways to deal with the sustainable issue, like encourage people using the recycling power car (electric car).

The graph (Figure 1) compares the emissions from petrol cars and electric cars using electricity generated in conventional power stations. Overall, there are fewer emissions from electric cars. This could help to reduce global warming and improve the air quality in our cities.

(Figure 1)

In conclusion, sustainable transportation is not only the bicycles but also a number of other methods to meet the eco-friendly. We need to use appropriate way in different regions.

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Figure 1: Are electric cars sustainable? Taken from:

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