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Here in this blog, I am going to write a very short brief about my city Ahmedabad, India. First, about the culture, it never disappoints its guests, giving them nice experience to remember. It used to be an industrial city, famous for its textile mills and once called ” Manchester of India “. It has both Islamic and Hindu architecture influence as it was ruled by both the dynasties. Ahmedabad is famous for its foodie people and many varieties of mouth-watering local Gujarati delicacies to choose from. It has very prestigious institutes like CEPT, IIM Ahmedabad, NID and Nirma for various fields of studying. So many festivals are celebrated all around the year as of course, it is an Indian city but Ahmedabad has been well known for celebrating vibrant festivals like ‘Navratri’ and ‘Makar Sankranti’. As it is a part of a state Gujarat, which you can call “A land of Businessmen”, it is famous for the vast business opportunities it gives to you.

Jama Mosque from ‘’

River front Ahmedabad
Sabarmati River Front from ‘’

If we talk about the Urbanism of the city, then physically it is divided into east and west parts by the river ‘Sabarmati’. To know a bit of its historical development, the core area is on the western bank of the river which once was a part of “Walled City” fortified by a huge wall with 12 gates to enter the core area, which gradually developed in radial formation towards the eastern bank. You can see both “Haveli architecture” ( typical pol houses with courtyards) and Islamic architecture in terms of various Tombs, Mosques, Gates, and Lakes. ‘Kankaria Lake’, ‘Jama Mosque’, ‘Sarkhej Roza’, ‘Teen Darwaja’, ‘Sidi Saiyad’s Jali’ are attractions to name the few. At present time it is one of the fastest growing city in India and has developed some notable projects at the urban level. Like, BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System), ‘Sabarmati River Front’ and ‘Kankaria Lake Front’ projects adding huge aspects in terms of social interaction and permeability for the inhabitants. Still, it is under development of The Metro transport project and also has been listed to become one of the ‘Smart Cities’ in India. It has also developed some areas which work as multi used depending upon the time of the day. Like, ‘Manekchawk’ is space which is used for jewellery business in the day time and it turns into a midnight food market after an evening which attracts a lot of people.

In conclusion, Ahmedabad is a very Vibrant, Festive, Diverse and Joyful city which you should visit once.

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