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Figure 1 : Reflective thinking. (, 2017).

Blog writing has been an interesting experience for me as it was my first time publishing anything academic online and I was timid at first. Initially I felt writing a blog post would be daunting, but as time went on my confidence grew post after post. I found this to be challenging experience which has broadened my knowledge on what professionals and practitioners have to say within their respected fields. I enjoyed the freedom that blogging entailed allowing me to discuss any subject that I found intriguing. Working with this new medium it allowed me to draw from a treasure trove of knowledge that the internet provides. In addition, with this new way of learning I found it easier to understand a range of urban concepts which I previously didn’t know or fully comprehended, for instance Landscape Urbanism and Vanity Height.

The blog also proved to be an interesting exercise in seeing how people from a variety of backgrounds, have given different understandings and their perspectives on a topic. This alongside commenting on my peers and vice versa, has provided me with new perspectives on how to interpret that topic. Whilst giving me further insight into cultural differences and what different professionals in that line of work have to say on the subject matter.

Running the blog was a sort of enjoyable experience, discussions in group meetings opened up several avenues for potentially exploring different ways of making a blog. Initially it was a tricky process of trying to customise the blog to make it visually different to past years. But as this program has been going on for a succession of years, we wanted to take elements from past blogs in the hope of creating something visually stunning. Although this hasn’t been the case in this semester, it has been a great learning opportunity to understand how blogs work, I want to make significant improvements to the blog in the coming semester.

There was another learning experiences for me other than the blogging exercise its self. As I had an issue that meant I had to write and format blogs in HTML view. Although this was a strenuous and new process, I learnt HTML coding which I’m continuing as it’s a very useful and attractive skill to have, in some way it was a blessing in disguise.

I feel that posting articles has in many ways benefited me, it has significantly helped in articulating my thoughts more coherently. As this communication exercise was challenging in the respect that we had to produce academic based writing which I’m used to. But with the addition of writing in a style that appeals to someone that doesn’t necessarily have this type of background.

Furthermore, I have improved my critical thinking on a range of topics which I have blogged and read about. Helping peers throughout this process has been more of a benefit to myself than a hindrance, as I’ve been able to better understand how blogging works whilst improving my grammatical skills. I look forward to blogging next semester as I’m somewhat confident in blogging, this blog has given the opportunity to develop myself which I hope to continue.

Image Source
Figure 1 (2017). Reflective thinking. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Jan. 2017].

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