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As a fresh blogger, writing blogs is a wonderful experience for me. It is the first time I share my knowledges and opinions about my subject with the public. I was worried about making troubles. And I was not confident about my expression.

Firstly I think it is an efficient way for us to understand our lectures further. Sometimes I may miss or forget some important points after the lectures. When I write the blogs, I have to listen to the recording and organize my notes. This deepen my impression of the contents. And when I search on relevant materials, I could understand the contents more easily.

I find it meaningful when sharing personal interest as well as academic work. For many people, academic knowledge may be boring to learn from textbook. But when I merge it into personal interest, I have passion to think and research more about the relevant issues. For example, when I learned the Garden City, I could just know the image of the model. I could hardly understand the benefits. Then I wrote the blog about the Neighborhood Design and focused on the Garden City in Tianfu New District, which is my hometown. During this time, I began to understand the benefit of “the town-country magnet” because I could experience the more convenient and healthy life here.

And for the public who are interested in urban design, blog is also a good way to learn some knowledges. This demands us think about how to explain it by a comprehensive way. It is a necessary skill for urban designers. Because we have to explain our project to the public in the future as well. In my second blog I found we need to think about how to communicate with the public and attract them to engage in our design.

Additionally, this blog experience opened my mind. When I read other people’s blog, I could learn more about the practice of urban design all over the world. For example, Kuntal’s Sustainable Transport blog emphasized the importance of pedestrian, bicycle and public transport. He gave some cases of New York, Florence, and Paris. I learnt to compared the advantages and disadvantages of different points of concern.

Beside that, I also learned about other opinions to one thing. For example, I thought skyscrapers are built for high density of land use. People build them because of the economic value. However in Jackson’s blog, he argued skyscrapers are built to symbolize their status and power in political perspective. After reading and thinking, I agree with his opinion.

Now I feel happy and confident to share my work and opinions to others. It create opportunities to communicate with others about my major and interest. And I wish to share more excellent things on the blog!


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