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This is the first time I get in touch with writing a blog. I feel nervous and scare about it when I have to know that we need to write a blog instead of an essay. Everything turn better after we gone through all those blog meeting and lectures.

Most of the lectures is very interesting and it is very helpful for my design project. Lectures covered all the major aspect or consideration that we need to take during an urban design. Due to we need to blog about somethings academic that related to our lecture, therefore having interest towards the lecture had given  me a big push while I writing my blog.

I am glad to having this module, because through the blog meeting, I being assigned to take photograph of everyone for our blog profile picture. This is the first step that I get close to everyone else in our course. This blog run on a self-directed meeting, so we need to decide ourselves what are we going to discuss in our meeting. we discuss how to design our blog page, what kind of photo are we going to take as our profile picture and most important we talk about what topic are we interested in and what topic we might be blogging about. Although a few blog meeting had conducted, but I am still not confident about writing a blog. Some of them had blog about their hometown to be an icebreaker for our blog page. They make a few example about how to write a blog.

My biggest concern while I write a blog post is I need to write somethings academic while including my own thought and opinion in it. Unlike other academic writing which only, require finding out the supportive point to support your argument. By doing this blog assignment, it stimulate me to think and find out more about what I am going to blog about. Everyone on this course is helpful. By doing this blog assignment, I learn about talking and sharing experience and your thought could give you a better understanding of a specific topic, instead of just flipping through book and desktop research and trying to find idea or clue what is it about. Besides that, it also help reduce the time require to research about a topic, because you already know the basic info about it.

To be honest, I never think that writing blog is an interesting thing before I get in touch with this module and about blogging. I might not having any contact with blog in my entire life, if I did not participate in this assignment. After doing a few blog, I enjoy it, especially when someone else comment on your blog and you starting to have a discussion in depth with the person. You might find out somethings interesting because people from different part of the world might a very different mind-set as yours. After having the blogging experience in this semester, I feel that I could do better in next semester. This time I am feeling excited while handling the assignment instead of nervous. I had gain interest about blogging; I might start to blog about something non-academic such as my travel or my process of cooking a fancy dinner.

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