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To be honest, this is the first time for me to write the academic blog. In the first blog meeting, we discussed lots of things interesting like how to post a blog or share the feature photos. In the next meeting, we asked Jackson to take a photo for us and use it on the membership page. After that, our first semester started. Every Thursday we have lecture and it related in our blog, I learned a lot from these lectures. Each lecture cover different aspect in the urban design, such as Sustainable Transport, Landscape Urbanism, Effective Economics, Neighbourhood design and Politics of Urban Design etc. Then we started to write the blog, because English is not my first language, I always worried about I will make the mistakes when I writing the blog. Finally, I overcome it and try my best on it.

For the blog writing, firstly, I learn how to analysis the notes which I have taken during the lecture. It was very hard for me. Because of the language problem, some of the content I cannot fully understand. I asked lots of questions with Adem, Ryan and other classmates. They are very kind for helping me. Through these questions, I gradually can understand these lectures and during the discussing with my classmate, we all have our own options and we shared each other to improve our understanding of the urban design.

My first blog describes the lecture of Landscape urbanism which is talking about how the landscape urbanism working in the past and nowadays. My main point of this blog is in the different region has different design method to arrange the landscape urbanism. I showed an example in Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is a typical intensive city but has lots of small-scale parks to satisfy the residents who live around and then I wrote the history of landscape urbanism. Through this blog, I learn how landscape urbanism been designed and how to arrange it.

The second blog is talking about the impact of green space and people gain the healthy life from it. I focus on the air pollution in the intensive cities and these cities really need more green space to generate the fresh air for people’s health. Additionally, green space also provides a fancy place for people to have some physical activities and that is a good way for getting health as well.

I also get many benefits from comment the other classmate’s blog. That deeply helps us to change another angle to analysis these topics. Critical thinking always helps us to learn the knowledge comprehensively. In deed, when I try to use another angle to analysis other people’s blog, we can also find out the shortage of my blog.

Finally, I want to thanks for this programme, which let me learn a lot not only from the lectures but also from the blog writing. After the deep analysis of urban design, we know how to start from all aspects to study urban design. I hope that I can use the knowledge I learned from the blog writing in the further study.

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