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To be frank, it’s not my first time of writing blogs, when I was in china I had my own blog. I’d love to spend a lot of time on running it, but I still fills me with interest during this blog project. It is my first time writing blogs in an academic style and Its nice how my new friends from different counties help manage the blog together.
At first, I was nervous about publishing an academic blog. Because I thought there would be a lot of strangers looking at it and if I made a mistake it would be embarrassing. But then, I found it was not like what I thought. We meetings for blog this semester, where we shared ideas of what we are going to post online deciding as a group. If one of us had any mistakes, we would point them out and then help fix them. Which is an efficient way for us to communicate our academic knowledge and also improved friendship between us. Beside the point, In terms of academic knowledge, it has been really helpful that people from different countries have discussed together. Because different countries have different solutions or views to the same problem, it was an excellent chance for exchanging our ideas. I thought to my self, this “knowledge” rarely can be taught in school, so I really treasure this experience.

Each blog should be about the lectures I have attended, so every time before posting blog, I have to make sure that I really understood the main premise of the lecture. Then I could combine my idea with the lecture, to express my views of it. Actually, it was a challenge for me, as I mentioned before it is my first time to write academic blog in English.
So the time I allocated for blog was maybe double or triple of others. Before each blog, I would listen to the recording of the lecture and lecture slides, and generally I found the time taken started to shorten. I think the blog writing process has improved my listening and writing and meetings have improved my communcation. It really helps me become familiar with the topics I have worked on.

Another skill I learnt was thinking critically which made me realize the importance of thinking from different perspectives. In the blog about the skyscrapers, I mainly focused on the usage of super-tall buildings. Although, making the most use of ground land; on the other hand, building higher can mean a symbol of power and people might ignore its use.

After writing that many blogs, I already feel the confident in tacking the next semester. Now I just can’t wait for the next semester blogs and excited to share some other interesting blogs like my trips or the beautiful photos I take with others.

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