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The blog writing activity conducted, helped me to become an individual with a new point of view and progress by gaining expertise in several fields which I could not have learned otherwise.Among the many skills that I have now fostered are :-

PRODUCTIVITYBeing acquainted with blog writing for the first time, I came across many qualities, one of them being productivity. From research on various topics to analyzing papers, brainstorming over different subjects and assignments shaped my knowledge about urban design which will be a great help me in my future aspects.

PROFESSIONALISM  Professionalism is to serve the interest of the institution whom you are working with, which requires to be accountable and excellent in what we do and be punctual with our duties by keeping in mind to honor and respect their guidelines. The blog writing wasn’t just an assignment but a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills on a worldwide platform.

TIME MANAGEMENT Like everyone else, I struggled initially with managing my time, but because of assignments given to us to complete within a specific deadline, time management is one of the most important things I have learned so far. Most of these driving forces helped me to develop the best of my time management skills. The true essence of time management helped me to set my priorities, organize and execute my work around it. This requires us to think carefully, clearly and deliver our best work within a time frame that is often lesser than we require.

SKILLSOver the course of this period we not only learnt architecture academically but also developed others skills like, photography, photo editing and uploading creative posts on social media like Pinterest and Instagram. The responsibility of posting something on the Internet that is accessible to everyone, made me put in a lot more creativity, efforts and fineness in my work. It also helped me improve my writing adeptness along with my vocabulary.

TEAMWORK – We had various team meeting to ensure the successful running of our website which helped us understand the background structure of a webpage working at an elaborate level. Since group projects involved various discussions, the blog work lead to brainstorming by our batch members on all topics with different ideas and views that eventually summed up to the production of our website.

EXPERIENCE The entire concept of blog writing has a lot more to it than just writing on a topic. Having to set up a website that belonged to us and being its members gave us a sense of pride and ownership. The personalization of the various small sections of our website instilled a sense of possession amongst us as we could customize our own webpage.

The fact that one’s work is open for everyone’s criticism pushes an individual to strive for nothing less than perfection and also gives us a review of our own work which helps in getting better each time. More than anything else, the different papers and articles I went through while writing the blog expanded my knowledge on the topics and introduced me with new facts. Going through numerous blogs, both formal as well as informal ones, taught me to write my blog in a more structured way that is both academically conventional and attractive to the rest of the audience.

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