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We had a few meetings during the semester.  We first discussed about the layout of the blog’s homepage.  That was fun when we were deciding the quotes to be put next to the featured photos.  Then in other meeting we decided which topics to write.  Everyone chose the topics they are interesting in.

In this module, professors and professionals came and shared their experience with us.  In each lecture, there are so many things being taught.  There was so much information easily assessable when I was doing research online.  Selecting the reliable and suitable information was challenging, but I am now very familiar with the topics that I have worked on.  In my blogs I expanded on specific themes which is interesting and worth discussion.

Writing the blog was a good training on critical thinking.  In the blog about new urbanism, I wanted to do a discussion on the concept of new urbanism vs. new town.  This may not be a very complete discussion but I aimed to put more information in introducing what new urbanism is and how the first new town in UK developed.

In the blog about public health, I tried to include more information and introduce the concept of Blue Space.  That was my first time knowing the term ‘blue space’ in Tim’s lecture.  I found it very interesting even it only took one page of the PowerPoint.

Writing responds to course mates blog was another highlight.  This is probably my first time to seriously read course mates’ writing.  It is interesting to see how others approach the topics different from me.  Sometimes they remind me on some small topics in certain lectures which are important.  It was enjoyable to write the responds.  In the respond post I can write in the way talking more on my own opinion.  Through reading other blogs, I found it is interesting to see how different cultural background can affect our opinions.  And that reminds me when I was writing my blog.  I should consider how to write in a way that can leave room for discussions.

Considering that this blog is publicly accessible, in the blogs I tried to include those basic urban design principles and put definition before starting discussion.  So people who know nothing can still understand the blog easily.  I believe this is important to make the blog reader friendly and take the responsibility of promoting urban design to the public.

In the coming semesters, I would try to write more blogs on travelling, and be more active in posting Instagram.  It is also important to post my blogs earlier so that other course mates can have more time to respond to my blog if they feel like my blogs are worth discussion.

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