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This was my first-time experience of blogging. I never even had read any other blogs on the internet before I came to know that we have to write blogs as a part of our assignment. I was very excited to do this new innovative way to do the assignment rather than writing the traditional essays on a “Paper” !!

At first, we were introduced to blogs through a lecture like how blogs work and how does blogs look like etc. And one of the most interesting parts of the exercises was our blog meetings! All the meetings were being held (only students) very professionally in a separately booked room (like company’s board of directors do)! The First agenda of the meeting was to decide the look of our blog page and deciding how do we want our profile picture on the blog and that was the fun part. Finally, we decided to do it a very formal photo shoot for the display pictures and I had got a reason to wear my new suit. We updated our front page with a welcome note of just nearly 50-60 words but it took us quite a time to reach the final quote as we became conscious about each and every sentence which is going to be published on the first page. At last, we uploaded our individual intro paragraph on it before actual starting of the blog.

So, I started researching on others blogs on the internet, I watched so many videos on how to blog (for the beginners). My first blog post was to write about my city and its culture which actually was the ice breaking post for me as I was feeling much more confident after posting that on the internet. During Christmas vacation, I wrote my first academic post and it took me so long time to complete that only 800-word post. But as it was a new thing for me I didn’t know how exactly we have to put references to the post. which actually is a very important aspect of any online post you do. I usually write in my own words what I think in my opinion is right or wrong in relation to the topic. Then, my classmate showed me the correct way to reference the blogs, how to name the images you use and how to support my post with existing academic or non-academic data and case studies from others.

Initially, I struggled with putting the references like he advised me but eventually after reading blog posts of my friends I learned the right way to do it and still learning because you won’t get it perfectly right in the first place! So, by the end of the semester after our so many crazy “Board” meetings here, I am with my first few posts online visible to anyone in the world and I certainly started feeling like a blogger now! Best thing of this exercise fro me was that throughout the process, I learned a lot about various fields of urban design. In our lecture series (on which our posts are based on), All the professionals gave very informative presentations and shared their expertise in various fields of urban design. I came to know different cultures and their thinking over the same topics around the world, as we are a mixed group of students from various countries. Lastly, one more good experience was to comment on my classmate’s blog post, which actually promotes you to share your thinking & ideas with others.

Overall It was a very fun and informative learning exercise. And I’m looking forward writing more and better blogs in the second semester. Hope you like my posts. Thank you.

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