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My experience about Housing alternative is based on three sites which teacher brought us to visit. They are all in Newcastle and some of the features are very distinctive. We visited for three site which are Malings, The Rise and Sinclair Meadows. The most impressive one for me is Sinclair Meadows. Because of the eco-friendly concept and the reasonable space arrangement.

Firstly, we can find the concept of eco-friendly in everywhere in the site. There are 21 units in this site and there are 9 car parking spaces. Which means the initial concept of the site is to encourage people using more cycle and non-corban transportation. Additionally, the solar panels are on every roof. The connection of Sinclair Meadows is relatively good because the site just beside of the main A road and there are 4 bus stops surrounding by the site, 12 and 12A bus pass by the site in each 30 minutes. The character of building is strong, because of the wooden structure and the landscape. On the other hand, people can easy to find the way around in Sinclair Meadows because of the small size and the triangle shape. Additionally, each unite has their own private back yard as well, and the big public space just in front of their house. The vehicle road and pedestrian road are separated which means children can play outside safety. In my opine, the front storage for bike is the most smart design, the bins hide behind the bike storage so people can’t see it clearly but also good for resident to use it.

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