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In Jackson’s blog “The position of urban green space in 21st Century”, the main point of this blog is to show the benefits of green space and this blog also talk about one of the case study, which located in Milan Italy. I like this case study very much, because of this building is particularly focus on the vertical green.

In many Asian cities, especially in some old city, the structure of the city is fixed. Therefore, the vertical green is the best way to make the environment better. On the other hand, the light pollution also influence our urban environment a lot. The vertical green could solve this problem and make the view better. I think when the vertical green happened in Asian city, like Tokyo, Shanghai, Shenzhen. The area of city green will increase a lot and it will realise some of the stress of the citizens as well.

In sum, I think the green space in city is a very important and vertical green is the best choice for the intensive city.


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