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Jackson discussed the importance of urban green spaces in today’s cities. I totally agree with that. Non-infectious and climate change are servious problems in 21st century. Sustainability is the most effective way to alleviate these issues. However, in overcrowded cities, we have limited spaces to develop. So, the new forms like roof garden, pocket park, vertical green, and urban farm have become particularly important in our lives. These spaces are developed relying on other functional spaces.

In my home town of Chengdu, there are several  popular greenways connecting the city centre to the outskirts. These are developed by the side of vehicle roads. They improve the environment and air quality of surroundings to some extent. Besides that, they serve as a recreation spaces. People could jog there everyday to release pressure. At weekends, they could rent a bycicle and enjoy sparetime with families or friends.

Above all, various types of green spaces could weave a 3D fabric of a green city. We need to pay more attention to that, and make our cities more sustainable.


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