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In the blog Kuntal introduced the possibility of using shipping containers as affordable housing alternatives.

“Housing is usually not a technology problem.” said Architect Mark Hogan (cited in Alter, 2015) when the world is searching for “affordable housing” focusing on those which are easy to build and low cost.

This type of house is more likely to help places recovering from disaster or suffering from material shortage.  The fact is, key hosing problems in cities is mainly about shortage of land.

Another problem is, as CEO of Australian manufacturer Container Build Group Jamie van Tongeren said, only new containers would be used in building the shipping container house, due to safety concern.    Moreover, the containers themselves also have high levels of chemical residue because of the arsenic, chromium and lead-based paint.  (Wedesweiler, u.d.) (Pagnotta, 2011)

Before an old container can be used structure, it has to be sandblasted bare, floor replaced, openings cut, etc. which produces nearly a thousand pounds of hazardous waste. (Pagnotta, 2011)

I really appreciate the way trying to recycle and achieve sustainability through reusing material for housing.  However, we can see so many evidences showing the impacts in using them as an alternative housing method.  Therefore we have to consider more thoroughly outside those fancy design and data.


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