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In Sharon’s blog, she talked about how to preserve the historical heritages in China and particularly in a historic city Xian. I would like to comment with this blog is because of I studied in Xian for four years. Therefore, I have lots of experience with the preserving Xian’s historical feature.

Firstly, I agree with Sharon’s opinion with the preserving method. Because most of the ancient building in China made in wood, so the most important thing is the wood structure. However, there is another police in Xian to preserving these historic sites, which is to limit the building high of the surrounding building. The most typical example is the Dayan Tower. I think this is an important thing to protect the historic building. If all the high-raises cover the view of the historical building. People cannot get the feeling from these building and will not respect it anymore.

Finally, I want say something about the preserving of historic site, because in China, the development is too fast. People forget the traditional features of our own country and we will have nothing for our offspring.


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