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In his blog Jackson introduced about what live-work is about and the reason it is gaining popularity.  I found live-work as a good way of alternative housing and, at the same time, alternative way of working.

People sometimes may face problems on getting a visa to work in foreign countries.  I wonder if the problems regarding to the right to work in other countries can be solved by having jobs that allow one to work at anywhere outside office, especially academic researchers.  They do not have to work locally, and in other words, working opportunities are available all over the world.

Still, I found in Ryan’s comment about the example of Yahoo banning home working.  I cannot agree more that team discussion and meeting is the best way to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.  Therefore, at the first step, we can start with promoting home working for those more independent jobs, i.e. writer, systems analyst, accountants, interpreter, graphic designer, etc.  (Shin, 2014)


Shin, L. (2017). The 20 Most Common Work-From-Home Job Opportunities. [online] Forbes. Available at:


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