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Co-design exercise

Co-design exercise is an important part during the progress of forming and building the co-housing. Members of the co-housing will take part in this exercise to give their opinion. In this blog, I am going to share about my experience of participating a scenario based co-design exercise.


Site planning

I participate this co-designexercise as an 25 years old fresh graduate photographer that is looking for a place that is near to city centre and providing meeting space available to rent. First of all in this exercise we start of with site planning. We are given an empty site in the city centre. Everyone of us have the right to give opinion about where we want to live. We also need to decide a place to allocate the common house, guest room, meeting room and garden. We need to give our reason why are we choosing that particular place and pursuit other to accept each other ideas.

Shared and communal facilities

After allocating the site, we start another exercise which is choose the sharing and communal facilities that we needs. We been giving a list of 10 facilities to choose with. Then we are going to choose the distance between the facilities and our house. After that, The professional will decide the best place to allocate those facilities after analyst the data.Figure 1. Decide where the facilities locate on site. (Source – Author’s own, 2017)

House types

Next, different types of housing are being introduce by the planner and we need to give our opinion about our most preferable housing type. After that, we progress into designing our house. We are given basic template of rooms and two different size of floor plan. Planner will help us in the process of designing our house by giving profesional opinion and guidance.Figure 2. Example of housing template from participants. (Source – Author’s own, 2017)

Financial methods

Finally, we do an exercise about different funding method. Planner will give us different type of funding method to choose from and they will explain the advantage, disadvantage and risk of each type of funding method. After having basic understanding about different type of funding methods, co-housing members start to discuss and bring out their problem about funding. This progress is to find out the most suitable funding method for particular co-housing community.

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