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A new trend of living – Live-work

21st century is a technologically advanced era, all kind of technology is growing rapidly especially the network. Living in this era had made remote control things that is far away using the network is never been so easy. This has bring up the born of a new trend of living, Live-work.


What is Live-work

Figure 1 – Live work studio ( Witt. R, 2013)

Live-work is a kind of property that which include commercial or manufacturing space in a residential living space. This kind of property suitable for jobs that could work at home and small business. Jobs and small businesses that suitable for live-work unit including works in Information Technology, Arts, and Design based. These kind of jobs could benefit the most from it because it work on a flexible time table. Live-work unit provide much more flexible working hours according to different people’s need while normal office have limited flexibility about working hours.


Why it gain popularity


Live-work unit gain it popularity in the recent years, which is because, the growth of network had lead to the growth of small medium businesses. The network had changed the traditional physical shop into virtual online shop. This lead most of the physical shop change into home based. The demand of live-work unit increase is because the start up and running a business with these unit is much cheaper than normal offices.


Beside that, there are a lot of people switch from office based into homeworker. UK had accounted 4.2millions of home worker in the year of 2014, which take up 13.9% of total number of workforce. The number is continuously raising from 11.9% in 1998, because many big companies such as BT and Virgin begin to encourage the idea of working from home if possible. (BBC News, 2014)



Live-work unit and the idea of working from home will continue gain in popularities especially from the younger generation. This is because the network will continue bring more convenient and make working from home much easier. This kind of unit also provide them a better option with lower start up and running cost which give them more opportunity to start up their own business.



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Image reference

  1. Figure 1 – Live-work studio ( Witt. R, 2013). Stephanie E. Calvet (online)

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