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Urban green space had gain attention from people all over the world, especially in the city that under development. Most of the new develop city had include urban green space in their planning. It can be in various form, such as roof garden, pocket park, vertical green, and urban farm. No matter in what form, they all serve for the same purpose, which is improve the overall urban quality.


The benefit of urban green space.


The quality of urban green space will directly influence the overall quality of the space. The most fundamental benefit of these green space could provide is improve the air quality of the area by filtering the air in the area. It could also help to hold rain water to help prevent flood.


Beside environmental issue, urban green space could also benefit human health from both physically and mentally. For example, place like pocket park and urban farm would encourage physical activity such as cycling and gardening. While roof garden and vertical green, these kind of high ornamental value green space serve to improve the mental health. It serve as a purpose of relaxation for reduce the stress of urban people.


Future City


During second semester of this course, we got a chance to visit Milan as a study trip for the course ARC8065. I Personally think that one of the best example urban green space is vertical forest of Milan, Italy. This is a project led by an Italian architect Stefano Boeri. This project featuring that input as many tree as it could be planted in a hectare of forest into a pair of skyscrapers. Balconies on all four sides of the towers had been planted a mixture of large and small trees, a large amount of shrubs and over ten thousand floral plants. This will help to clean up the air and reduce the pollution level of the city by absorbing dust in the air. Beside that, it also created a humid micro-climate that shade the resident from harsh sunlight and produce oxygen at the same time. In additional, these also provide urban habitat for birds.(Frearson, 2014)

Figure 1. Vertical forest, Milan, Italy (Source – Author’s own, 2017)Figure 2. Vertical forest, Milan, Italy (Source – Author’s own, 2017)

1. Frearson, A. (2014). Stefano Boeri’s “vertical forest” nears completion in Milan. [online] Dezeen. Available at: [Accessed 21 May 2017].

One response to “The position of urban green space in 21st Century”

  1. With the development of urbanization, more green space is replaced by structure while people generally relies the importance of green space. In Jackson’s blog, he mentioned about the benefits that green space has. Connected with what I researched in this semester, I also understand that people are in urgent need of green space. No matter for the environment or for people’s health, green space can all bring great influence. For gaining green space, people create more formats of it which is suitable for the urban scheme. One of the typical case studies is what Jackson talked about in the blog. This building is famous as the landscape on the vertical walls. This project expresses people’s urgent need of the green plants and also proved that the technology is developed in a great stage. According to personal experience, planting on the wall is popular as different format. For example, more restaurants are willing to plant vegetables within the inner space for customers. Then customers also prefer to enjoy fresh and safe food here.

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