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Semester two was started with the project of housing alternative. This project is the follow-up work of the urban regeneration in the semester one. It encourages us to focus on the detail research of the residential area. Cohousing is an important point of this module and we visited some relative sites to experience the scheme of cohousing. Along with the project, we also studied the Building For Life 12 as a tool to evaluate a cohousing project. In addition, this could also be a useful tool for me to check my design for this module.

Apart from the housing alternative project, I also found some interests in the concept of urban agriculture. It is about encouraging people to plant in the urban area. At first, I was confused about how could agriculture and urban be connected together. Because the high land price would be a serious problem. While after reading several relative paper about the urban agriculture, I realized the importance of planting in urban area towards the city. Besides the paper, I found lots of case studies with the scheme of urban agriculture as well. I noticed that with the long-term development, the urban agriculture is no longer the original concept of providing food to city area with large-scale production. It is now developed into a kind of urban scheme thing. For example. Some restaurants now are willing to provide one area for the customers to plant their own food with reasonable price and then chef will use these herbs as ingredients to cook meals for them. This become very popular among the world currently.

So in both the City and Culture and Independent Research modules, I used the Urban Agriculture as the topic. The former is for practice of this concept and the latter is for theory of it. It is helpful to do both at the same time, the theory can support the practice and the practice can show how the theory works. For the final thesis, I temporally plan to do some more research of the urban agriculture in Asian area, I want to figure out the possibility of doing urban agriculture in the city with high density of population.

In terms of blogs, we could choose whatever topics we would like to talk about which gives us great sense of freedom. This blog provides a great platform for us to note down everything we are interested in and how we are thinking about. At the same time, people who are curious about these topics could comment their thoughts to us which is really helpful for us to communicate and exchange our views. Furthermore, getting comments from others could give us a great sense of success that our topics can attract others, and then we will be more active to post blogs to share our ideas. After the experience of wring blogs in the last semester, I felt more confident while posting blogs. It should be resulting from the long-term practice of writing and I become used to the progress of posting blogs.

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