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Reflection on semester 2


In a blink of an eye, i had gone through 8 month of studies in the course of MA Urban Design. I had learned a lot of things in this course and having a lot of tough time, especially in semester two. This is because in semester two we are having two design project and a thesis literature review going through on the same time. Every week we are trying to balance our time in order to ensure each module got enough time to be work on. This situation is close enough to the reality world that we going to face after graduating from this course. I learned how to balance my time to work on each project.


On the housing alternative module, we being introduce three kind of housing typology. Which is Co-housing, Live-work and life cycle home. Before study this course, i had never heard about any of Co-housing and life cycle home. While i first heard about the idea of co-housing, my first thought was i will never live in this kind of community. This kind of life style is only suitable for elderly. After the visit to Lancaster and doing research on case study, I have slightly moved from my original thought. Co-housing is a type of community living method that require contribution to the community that you are belongs to. My thought was a fresh graduate young adult that working hard to achieve something on the career will not have time and energy to contribute to the community. I am totally wrong about it. It all depends on your on point of view about the contribution. For example, the communal kitchen scheme, although it seem to be effort for preparing food for more than 20 people, but at the same time, you would only need to cook once every 2 week or once a month. Which mean that most of the time you could just relax and have a dinner in the communal kitchen. Although this increase your work load on your cooking day, in exchange, you earned more free time on the other days.


Beside that, cities and cultures module design project background was been set in Milan, Italy. Therefore, we got a chance to go on a study trip to Milan. On this module, i learn a lot about sustainable building and environment analysis. The skills that i learn in this module being use on housing alternative design, while at the same time the building for life 12 analysing sheet being used on this project. In my opinion, although the building for life 12 sheet is not a perfect piece of analysis tool to analyse a design quality of a space, but it provide a start up point for examine the quality of the space.


In conclusion, I am quite happy that i chosen to study MA Urban Design in Newcastle University. I have learned a lot useful skills and knowledge from both my tutor and colleague. I am glad to have a bunch of colleague that always work together with me and willing to teach and share information among each other, which make the study in this course is much more enjoyable and easier. I have a bunch of nice colleague that gone through all the pain and laughter together with me.

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