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Image Source: Blogging (O, Dwyer. 2013)

The blog has been an interesting approach to learning rather than the typical essay style. It gave me freedom to write more freely and openly, this meant I would write blog posts that anyone could understand. At first, I felt that blogging would become a monotonous process but I found that discussing concentrated pieces of information trying to explain a topic, was a challenging but interesting exercise. this was one of three things that really peaked my interests during the blog.

The second was discussing new and alternative ideas that are synonymous in academic and design environments, but we were posting these to inform the general public. A great example of this relates to my co-housing blog, where I discuss this relatively new concept of community living. It must have peaked someone’s interest as he left a comment, in which he raised interesting points. About co-housing for elderly and the possibility that university lifestyles are close to cohousing and open future possibilities.

The final interesting part was understanding website design and making changes once we found there was actual interest in our website. This all happened after we requested analytical data and a view counter feature, which provided us with actual evidence that the website of website traffic and renewed my faith that the blog was being read.  Initially started proposing changes to our website admin, suggesting visual and functional changes which made the website more accessible and easier for the user. For instance, the member’s page wasn’t user-friendly, so recommended that bios be on the main page alongside images of each member making it a very simple page to use.

Other group members got involved at this point to help improve the visual and functionality of the rest of the website, we agreed as a group what changes we wanted to make using examples of other websites functions and visual layouts. Through this creative discussion, we were able to make huge improvements to the home and blog page. We decided as a group that it would be much easier to use Instagram and we suggested to make a large gallery feature which was linked instantly to the front page making it more attractive. Another feature that we changed was recommended to make blogs quicker to find, by arranging blogs in a similar fashion to clothing websites and providing a little snippet of the text.

Overall I found that many elements of blogging have given me new skills which I can take forward, technical website skills such as HTML coding, website design and understanding users. To more practical skills such as creative writing, critical thinking and discussion making, I felt that my writing confidence grew which has been a great help in my other academic studies. Also, its improved my critical thinking as I needed to confident in what I’m publishing online is correct which meant I was more scrupulous with my sources and read them more critically.

Image Source:

  1. O, Dwyer (2013). Blogging. [image] Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2017].

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