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Using the landscape feature to define the space

Space is always the most important factor in the design program, whatever in architecture or urban design. Firstly, we classify the space in two types, one is public and the other is private space. As we know, public space is a kind of social space, people gathering in this space and holding some activities to interact with other people. In the opposite way, private space is kind of private property, such as back yard, front yard or some charged places. In this post, I would talk something about how to define or design the space in landscape way.

Pavement is one of the typical way to define the space. Even in the open space, people got the different feeling when the pavement changed. If we are in a totally opened space without any vertical structure. However, there is a little place with different pavement comparing with rest of ground. Potentially, we think this place is more private than the other space. The other function of the pavement is to guide people toward to a direction. This method is always happening in some of big scale park or plaza.

Tree is a kind of strong mark for defining the space as well. Because of trees can naturally create a space or footpath. Like Chinese elm tree (Figure 1), this tree create a space with the shade and the focal point. When people get in the shade, they will feeling like they access a relatively private space, then just having their picnic under the shade. ( Mihalic F, 2016) Moreover, trees could create the footpath as well. We can see many paths are lined by trees. The trees partially enclose the path or driveway to provide shade and a rhythm of vertical trunks. ( Mihalic F, 2016)

(Figure 1: The Chinese elm tree)

In sum, space plays an important role in the urban design and people have different feeling in every space even though the space just has slightly changed. A sensational design should consider each of the space and define the space in the proper way.


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2 responses to “Using the landscape feature to define the space”

  1. Zack mentioned about an necessary element in the urban design – landscape which is known to create an environmental friendly space. With the elements of landscape, it could create spaces for different functions. According to personal experience, trees in line could be efficient to guide the route for people, and this is often used along the streets or at the entrance. It is not only the decoration for the streets but also is helpful to reduce the noise from the vehicles. Then, landscape can also be used to provide a private space, and it is also produced along with the seating area. It is very common seen in the park area where is always used as a place for people to enjoy a rest. At the same time, landscape can be used as a boundary which is commonly seen in daily life. In sum, landscape plays an important role in creating space.

  2. Hou Yue has blogged about the importance of landscaping elements in creating a space. Landscape elements are known to enhance the quality of a place while enhancing the user experience. One such example is the urbanisation works of Plaza de Santo Domingo,Madrid seeks to generate a progressive pedestrianization and expansion of public transport in the historical core. One of the first aims of this project was to recover the open spaces of the Plaza de Santo Domingo.The idea was revive open spaces in the form of public green garden courts on the roof of an underground carpark which would simultaneously become a pedestrian space. This was to be done by demolishing the existing car park building. Seating spaces were created along the green planters for the public to take-in their surrounding space. The landscaping elements gave life to the area and helped in the division of a large plaza. Any space should be well defined and should demarcate the sense of privacy or publicity clearly. Landscape occupies open space and helps to define the enclosure. An old trees can provide an identity to a place and give it a character associated wit the tree. These landscape features help to define boundaries and to avoid unused patches of left-over spaces to be developed meaningfully.
    Plaza de Santo Domingo, Landezine. Available at-

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