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Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I come from a small town named Billingham in the north-east of England. I am currently studying an MA in Urban Design full-time at Newcastle University. I was an undergraduate here at NCL as well, studying Architecture and Urban Planning where I was part of the first cohort in the country to graduate with this degree. I have always had a strong interest in cities and how they function, and this interest has grown since I moved to Newcastle. My skills and abilities in the field of Urban Design developed significantly throughout my undergraduate degree and is ultimately what inspired me to study the topic further. I have worked on regeneration projects in practice and enjoy using my knowledge to help improve people's way of living. I see urban design as a way of improving everyone's day-to-day lives, and in order to do this we must allow our work to be influenced through community participation and working with local authorities to produce the best possible outcome. I am also strongly interested with urban mobility and sustainable transport and how we should aim to move towards a transport system which doesn't prioritise the private motor vehicle.

Other interests include travelling and visiting other cities, in the United Kingdom or around the world, and comparing them with each other to see what works best and why. This is a useful hobby to have as it helps me to improve my knowledge of urban design, whilst letting me experience different countries and cultures.