Zhu Xuan, Sharon, Newcastle

Hello, everyone! I am Zhu Xuan, you can also call me Sharon. I come from the east of China and my hometown is called Yancheng, in Jiangsu Province. I graduated from Suzhou Science and Technology University and got my bachelor degree of Urban Planning. Now I am studying Urban Design at Newcastle University. I enjoy drawing and design in general since I was a little girl. Frankly, in my memory, I was punished a lot because of drawing on the wrong places such as bedroom walls. But it cannot stop my creativity and I continue to study design as my major which makes me happy. Apart from my studies, I also like doing some hand-making stuff and traveling. Finally, I hope you guys can enjoy our blog here! And I will be happy if you contact me with any information or comment about our blog. My email address is sharon_1216@me.com