Experience of participating in co-design exercise

Co-design exercise Co-design exercise is an important part during the progress of forming and building the co-housing. Members of the co-housing will take part in this exercise to give their opinion. In this blog, I am going to share about my experience of participating a scenario based co-design exercise.   Site planning I participate this co-designexercise…
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Kyodo No Mori Japanese Co-housing

Christian, D. (2008). “Forest” Cohousing in Japan, Pt.II. [online] Begoodcafe.com. Available at: http://begoodcafe.com/archive-bgc/project/ecvc_en [Accessed 9 Apr. 2017].

Kyodo No Mori or Forest of Kyodo as its more commonly known is a Japanese co-housing project which was designed at the turn of the millennia. This project has caught my interest as an excellent case study of how development can adapt to an ever changing city and the first cohousing project in Japan.  The…
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Scenario based co-design exercise

Co design Exercise

This blog discusses an exercise we created for co-design during the housing module in order to understand the co-design process with different elements of the design processes as well as a mix of different ‘prospective residents.’ We took turns in our groups to become design practitioners and run our own co-design exercises. My group’s exercise…
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