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Hi, i am an international student from Malaysia, which have spend 5 years living in Newcastle. I am studying MA in Urban Design in Newcastle University. I was studying foundation of architecture in INTO Newcastle and completed my degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in Newcastle University. I come from a small town without a proper planning, therefore i am intrested in how a master plan of a city change or improve and guide the development of a city into a better place. I hope i could use the gain from studying this course to change my hometown to be a better place.

Hello, everyone! I am Zhu Xuan, you can also call me Sharon. I come from the east of China and my hometown is called Yancheng, in Jiangsu Province. I graduated from Suzhou Science and Technology University and got my bachelor degree of Urban Planning. Now I am studying Urban Design at Newcastle University. I enjoy drawing and design in general since I was a little girl. Frankly, in my memory, I was punished a lot because of drawing on the wrong places such as bedroom walls. But it cannot stop my creativity and I continue to study design as my major which makes me happy. Apart from my studies, I also like doing some hand-making stuff and traveling. Finally, I hope you guys can enjoy our blog here! And I will be happy if you contact me with any information or comment about our blog. My email address is

Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I come from a small town named Billingham in the north-east of England. I am currently studying an MA in Urban Design full-time at Newcastle University. I was an undergraduate here at NCL as well, studying Architecture and Urban Planning where I was part of the first cohort in the country to graduate with this degree. I have always had a strong interest in cities and how they function, and this interest has grown since I moved to Newcastle. My skills and abilities in the field of Urban Design developed significantly throughout my undergraduate degree and is ultimately what inspired me to study the topic further. I have worked on regeneration projects in practice and enjoy using my knowledge to help improve people's way of living. I see urban design as a way of improving everyone's day-to-day lives, and in order to do this we must allow our work to be influenced through community participation and working with local authorities to produce the best possible outcome. I am also strongly interested with urban mobility and sustainable transport and how we should aim to move towards a transport system which doesn't prioritise the private motor vehicle.

Other interests include travelling and visiting other cities, in the United Kingdom or around the world, and comparing them with each other to see what works best and why. This is a useful hobby to have as it helps me to improve my knowledge of urban design, whilst letting me experience different countries and cultures.

Hi, I am Peggy from Sichuan, China. I am a master student doing Urban Design at the Newcastle University. I did my undergraduate architecture degree at Chongqing University and I also have some experiences in the architecture industry back home.

During studying and working in the architectural field, I realized that I would prefer doing research on city contexts. Urban regeneration and housing problems are crucial challenges in both the UK and China, and that happens to be something I am interested in.

I am the kind of person that like going around in different cities where I can experience different kinds of living style and culture. Therefore, I chose to study Urban Design that allows me to think about the cities more deeply and comprehensively.

I hope you could enjoy our blog.

Hey guys ! This is Kuntal here from Ahmedabad, City in western part of India. I have completed my Bachelors degree in Architecture in 2015 and now i am pursuing my Masters degree in Urban Design at Newcastle University, UK. I wanted to do my masters in specialization course related to architecture field and Urban Design is what most interests me. Newcastle is a very beautiful city to learn and explore. I want to be a part of creating a sustainable and smart city environment in my country, Which has a lot of scope for the development. Apart from that, I like to travel and explore new places and cultures a lot. As far as my experience goes in Newcastle, working with international students and exploring the city culture has been great !! I would like to visit as many new places around the world as i can ! Here is my contact email id :

Hello everyone! My name is Kelly Tang. I am originally from Hong Kong. I have been in Newcastle University for the past 3 years studying Architecture and Urban Planning. This is my fourth year in Newcastle and I am now doing Masters in Urban Design. Newcastle is an amazing city. It is far more than just studying. World heritage sites, national parks and beaches are all short distance away. The Toon is so diverse and welcomes people from around the world.

Urban design to me is a linkage between people and place. It is the key to better quality of life. Urban design is to create better social experience for people between their workplaces and homes.

In my spare time enjoying watching movies and playing music. I also love traveling which I can experience different cultures and explore new places. It is always interesting to explore how local culture affect the way people live.

Hello, I am Diva and I’m an Architect. I have completed my Degree back home in India. I have studied various planning subjects during my Erasmus period at Politecnico Di Milano in Italy, which lured me into studying urban design further in detail. Learning about space design, form, aesthetics, being sensitive and responsive to the needs of people and their culture to bring greater value to physical spaces, resonates with my idea of Design and Architecture.
In my spare time, I enjoy painting, travelling and interacting with people as I strongly believe in the overall experience part of a design. Please contact me via email.

Hello world, my name is Adem Altunkaya but I prefer Adam. I’m from Manchester but as you can tell from my name Its not English, that’s because I’m half Turkish. I have a good mix of both cultures; I’ve spent most of my summers in the Southwestern part of Turkey staying with family. This is my fourth year spent blissfully studying in Newcastle.

In my undergrad I was part of the first graduating year for a whole new course called Architecture & Urban Planning. The course was primarily based on alternative approaches towards traditional planning and architecture. This was where I became fascinated urban design, as many of the design modules had elements of; community participation, urban regeneration and urban prototyping.

I’m currently studying a MA in Urban Design and wish to pursue a career within in this field. Although I haven’t found my focus, my main interest would in urban regeneration in both housing and public space. My hobbies and interests out of university include; supporting my football club Manchester United, urban photography, gaming, playing pool and I occasionally dabble in a little table tennis.

Check out my Pinterest you might find something interesting, I look forward to help creating this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

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