Kyodo No Mori Japanese Co-housing

Christian, D. (2008). “Forest” Cohousing in Japan, Pt.II. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Apr. 2017].

Kyodo No Mori or Forest of Kyodo as its more commonly known is a Japanese co-housing project which was designed at the turn of the millennia. This project has caught my interest as an excellent case study of how development can adapt to an ever changing city and the first cohousing project in Japan.  The…
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Landscape Urbanism and Current Developments in the UK

Landscape, Ecology, Landscape Urbanism, Sustainability.

Landscape Urbanism Practitioners and theorist have several definitions of what Landscape Urbanism is; Gray states it “considers the horizontal field over the vertical figure-ground and secondly, it describes a move from the pictorial to the operational.” (C, Gray, 2006.) Sarah Peck puts it perfectly as “a mode of thinking about the design and function of…
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