Landscape Urbanism

Lecture with Geoff Whitten. The lecture of Landscape Urbanism which was given by Geoff Whitten described the development of cities and landscape urbanism. Geoff Whitten illustrated that the development of city is like an egg, which is from the shape of one core with a surrounding ring (ancient age) to one core with a random shape of edge…
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Landscape Urbanism and Current Developments in the UK

Landscape, Ecology, Landscape Urbanism, Sustainability.

Landscape Urbanism Practitioners and theorist have several definitions of what Landscape Urbanism is; Gray states it “considers the horizontal field over the vertical figure-ground and secondly, it describes a move from the pictorial to the operational.” (C, Gray, 2006.) Sarah Peck puts it perfectly as “a mode of thinking about the design and function of…
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