Public health and housing in 19th Century England

The levels of urbanization have been dependent on geography and the historical situations. During the nineteenth century agricultural productivity and industrialization were the main factors that determined the levels of urbanization (Paul Bairoch P. & Goertz G., 1985). A large population in spite of living in the countryside was not involved in agriculture and a…
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New Urbanism and New Town Planning

New Urbanism is an urban design movement arose firstly in the US in the 1980s.  New Urbanism focuses on sustainable human-scaled urban design, from a single block to the whole community, to create places where people can live healthily and happily. The Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI) listed out 10 principles of new urbanism, which…
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Comment on – Ryan Conlon’s : Sustainable Transport: Reducing Emissions to Improve Health.

London - Jason Hawkes

Sustainable Transport Ryan’s blog post covered several aspects of sustainable transport, linking emissions and health gave an interesting perspective on such a prominent issue of today. As he stated, there are many negative effects of our reliance on the automobile. There’s a range of pollutants (Particulate matter PM, Hydrocarbons HC, Nitrogen oxides NOx, Carbon monoxide…
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